The Sir Winston Churchill, a Camper & Nicholson’s design with truly gracious timeless lines, was built between 1964-66 by Richard Dunston (Hessle) Ltd.


She was originally built to respond to the challenge of competing in Tall Ships Race, at a time where no other English ship existed to enter the Race. Under the patronage of the Duke of Edinburgh she was the first ship of her kind to be paid for by public subscription costing at the time the considerable amount of £ 120,000.00!; The Sir Winston Churchill was launched in 1966 on a quiet morning of February due to tidal conditions, whilst a special name ceremony was held in Hull soon after. The Sir Winston Churchill was the first three mast sailing ship for youth training from schools and industry in the ways of the sea and in the words of the Sailing Training Association “they can develop a sense of responsibility, resourcefulness, self-discipline and ability to work as one team and also to proudly say that they have sailed on board the Sir Winston Churchill!” The ship essentially left for her first trials and training immediately after her launch with the first 36 especially selected trainees and then participated in her first Tall Ship Race. Since then, under the management of the Sail Training Association, she participated and won many racing awards until her retirement just before the end of the 21st.

Sir Winston Churchill and sistership Malcom Miller at the back

Sir Winston Churchill and sistership Malcom Miller at the back

The Sir Winston Churchill is a 3-masted schooner made of 300 tons of steel and with 7000 square feet of canvas, designed in classic topsail style and created to respond to the challenge of entering a British-built competitor in the Tall Ships Race. From her launch in 1966 until 2000, the ship was used for training youth, carrying up to 46 trainees and instructors per voyage and training 600 youngsters per year into the secrets of the sea and the fascination of controlling this complex of canvas and carriage. During her lifetime, this beautiful lady of the open seas under the management of the Sail Training Association and her veteran Officers, Sailors and brave youngsters under training won numerous racing prizes reasserting once again Britain’s long sailing tradition.

Now, entirely refitted in 2000 by Epsilon Yachting Services Limited, the Sir Winston Churchill makes her presence in the yacht charter market and ensures a genuine unforgettable sailing experience!

She has been entirely refitted and converted for luxury cruising, strictly retaining her original beautiful lines and seaworthy nature, and now accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 luxurious staterooms.

For the construction of the figure head Mr Jack Whitehead of Isle of White, famous yacht wood carver of his era, was commissioned

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